[X-SESSION] The Force is With You: “Energy Work” for Voiceover Artists (Deep Dive)
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X-Session Workshop (In-Person)
Karen-Eileen Gordon Gordon
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Thursday, April 22, 2021, 11:45 AM - 2:45 PM
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This X-Session is a cozy, “deep-dive” voiceover-centric version of a large-group workshop I love to teach, called “Practical Energy Work for Creative Humans.” During this session, there will be an abundance of time for instruction, individual energy work, 1-on-1 coaching, breakout rooms, and question-and-answer. Attendees will leave with their own customized VO Energy Toolkit, applicable immediately to their work and lives.

My two huge passions? The worlds of Performance and Wellness! I adore joining the two, because I want to be (and want you to be) a mega-successful and wildly healthy creative human. For me and my Clients, energy work is often a delightful key to unlock that dual-state-of-being. For some people, energy work is a part of their daily lives, and for many others…it’s crunchy-granola-woo-woo stuff. Either way, energy work has very real and powerful applications to both the work and the play of being a thriving, resilient voiceover artist.

Several real heavy hitters agree with me (Harvard, UCLA, Johns Hopkins, and the Mayo Clinic among them). Harvard Medical School’s website praises the mind-body techniques used in yoga—breathwork, deep relaxation, and meditation—as actually “having the power to improve your health in dozens of ways.” Renowned Johns Hopkins Integrative Medicine & Digestive Center offers Reiki—a form of energy healing—to its patients “to create deep relaxation, to help speed healing, reduce pain, and decrease other symptoms.” The Mayo Clinic’s Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program offers both healing touch and Reiki for their patients. A Washington Post article reported about a UCLA study that determined over 60 US hospitals offer Reiki to their patients…with Reiki education offered at well over 800 hospitals. Energy work is moving into the mainstream and has ginormous benefits for the Voiceover Artist and any in the Voiceover Universe.

My 20+ years as a Wellness Coach, Reiki Master (Japanese energy healer), Yoga lover-and-instructor, Meditation leader, and energy reader led me to bring those wonderful energy tools into the vo booth/studio with me—with astounding results. It’s my great joy to share the energy toolkit I’ve created with this group…with the added bonus that these energy tools have a tendency to produce strength, groundedness, peace, calm, clarity, and random outbreaks of happiness. Especially in this deliciously small group, there will be a bounty of time for exploring practical applications of these energy tools toward each attendee’s aims (allowing them to leave with a highly customized set of tools and plan of action). I love talking with participants pre/post-Session in addition; I’m happy to stay on our yummy Zoom as long as there are questions, and it would be my pleasure to make myself available during the conference for questions in any way possible.

(A special note for those new to the energy work universe: many forms of energy work are done remotely, meaning that the receiver does not need to be in the same room physically with the practitioner, to receive the benefit. Reiki is one example of those modalities firmly in this category, and in fact, the Level 2 training of a Reiki Practitioner includes extensive work in what is called “Remote Reiki.” In my decades of doing this work, when working remotely, I always talk with a client afterward. During those calls, each client inevitably says something along the lines of… “Oh, you started by working on my feet today, didn’t you?” Or, “You spent extra time working on my shoulder this morning!” (They were/are always correct!) They could accurately detect, often from thousands of miles away, where I had been focusing—that never ceases to amaze me, even after all these years. Even outside of the energy work world, we’ve all walked into a room and felt what might be called the “energy signature” that was left behind, by the people/event that was there previously…something powerfully joyful, or powerfully challenging. This is a commonly understood experience of “sensing” some of the energy fields around us (I also feel it often in places of spirituality that are quite old…churches, temples, mosques…)—and I am thrilled to help us develop and employ these energy tools for our voiceover and wellness lives. This X-Session can be conducted with PowerPoint if desired, with those materials available to attendees also.)

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