Audiobook Narrator Websites: Show Them Who You Are (Audiobook Academy)
Suzanne Freeman
Audiobook Academy
Date & Time
Friday, April 1, 2022, 11:10 AM - 12:10 PM

One of the most often asked-about topics among narrators is websites - should I have one? (hint: YES!) What should be on it? In this session, we'll go beyond the basics and talk all about narrator websites - the reason for them, whether they should be separate from your other VO or acting work, how many and what kind of demos should be on them, and whether you should design your own or hire someone to do it.

Your website is the place to show audiobook casting directors who you are and what you can do. At the very least, you need to give producers a place to find you. Beyond that, we'll talk about style, details you can and should include on your site, and how to best reflect how you'd like to be cast.


  • Why all narrators should have websites.
  • What should be on your site, and what shouldn't.
  • Examples of killer sites from successful narrators.