RESOLVE YOUR IMPOSTER SYNDROME - How To Have Confidence As A New Audiobook Narrator (Audiobook Academy)
Nikki Zakocs Stephanie Nemeth-Parker Amanda Stribling
Audiobook Academy
Date & Time
Friday, April 1, 2022, 3:20 PM - 4:20 PM

Presented by: Nikki Zakocs, Stephanie Nemeth-Parker, Amanda Stribling

So you think you want to be an audiobook narrator or you’re just starting out? Where do you even start? This session will be packed with Golden Information compiled by three passionate audiobook narrators that have been doing this for under 5 years .They want to share what they wished they’d known when they were first starting out. With a combination of over 300 audiobooks produced, for independent authors and publishers, they have a wealth of information and experience they want to share with you. All the information that they have spent hours and hours researching is right here. With all of this information you can begin your career as an audiobook narrator with confidence and banish the one thing we all talk about, Imposter Syndrome. They share the basics and the resources to educate yourself and grow as an audiobook narrator with confidence.


  • Where should I start? - What equipment do I need? - Coaching, Why You Need It and What Options Are There?
  • Technical Training Resources - Support and Audiobook Community Resources - ACX & Findaway Marketplace and Working with Indie Authors
  • Who are the Publishers, and How to reach out to them - Social Media, What accounts do you need? - Let's talk Demos - Accent and Dialect Resources