[X-SESSION-VIRTUAL ONLY] - Intro to Audiobook Narration: Before and After You Get the Gig (Audiobook Academy)
Erin Moon
Audiobook Academy
Date & Time
Saturday, April 2, 2022, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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[NOTE: This is a VIRTUAL ONLY Workshop]


Ever wanted to do audiobooks but have no real idea what to do to get started? How it works? What the steps are before you seek work, let alone when you get the gig? This workshop will look at what you can do to prepare to be an audiobook narrator and how the actual process works once you get a book. Having worked for many years on both sides of the glass Erin will help guide you into a professional entrance into the audiobook world.

NOTE: Erin will not cover how to “get the gig” as that is a whole other topic and available in other workshops

Workshop structure

  • 1.5hrs Powerpoint and lecture
  • 1 hr group/ one on one performance coaching

12 participants will come with a fiction or non fiction piece that they have only read 2X at most (2 pages as to give enough material to get an idea of the story from). Erin will coach each participant for approx 5minute round robin style as check in and to get some performance feedback.

  • .5hrs for Questions


  • What you need to have in place BEFORE pursuing work.
  • The basic structure of how an audiobook is handled once you have the work.
  • Performance skills. Getting into the "booth" time. What do I do with all that prep and how it is translating to my performance right now in my journey.