[X-SESSION-IN-PERSON] - Inside Adobe Audition - Beginner To Intermediate Levels
Uncle Roy Yokelson
Technology - Production
Date & Time
Thursday, March 31, 2022, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Whether submitting an audition or an actual booking, in order to be competitive your home studio audio needs to be ‘Broadcast Quality’. Learn the BEST recording/editing software for voiceover from the BEST educator in all things voiceover: Roy Yokelson (aka ‘Uncle Roy’). He will help you set up his intuitive keyboard shortcuts and explain best practices in recording, editing and mastering. Additionally, Uncle Roy will demonstrate 3rd party plug-ins from Waves and Izotope. Other topics may include: your home studio – what equipment you’ll need and how to get the most out of it, what it takes to make a KILLER Demo, and ANYTHING ELSE VO related. Prerequisite: Adobe Audition 2022 CC already installed on your laptop. If you don’t already have it, you can download a free 15 day trial version just prior to arriving to VO Atlanta ( Each student will also receive a follow up half hour one-on-one session with Uncle Roy some time within the following 3 months. Once you sign up, please record and email a raw home studio sample for evaluation (approximately 30 seconds of you READING plus 10 seconds room tone) to: Uncle Roy has been using Adobe Audition since it was Cool Edit ’96. As a recording engineer he wanted to create a work flow for producing great quality recordings from home.