Dave Walsh
Date & Time
Friday, April 1, 2022, 3:20 PM - 4:20 PM

The goal of this breakout session is based on the theme of VO ATLANTA 2022: Resolve. As we all collectively close this chapter on the amazing success of the VO ATLANTA story and look forward to new pages about to be written, attendees will be challenged to reflect on and create new resolutions within their own voiceover careers. Whether discovering an untapped talent, truthfully identifying long-standing personal and/or professional roadblocks or simply declaring their resolve to play/coach at a higher level. To help attain these breakthroughs, attendees will learn some of the fundamental tools of Dave Walsh’s powerful TrueTell ® Method, designed to create a deeper understanding and appreciation of the power and benefits of speaking with their authentic voices rather than with what they think others want them to say or do. Walsh will cover why he created The TrueTell ®, particularly how his own VO success and subsequent vocal disorder dramatically raised his awareness about the lack and need for greater truth not only in voiceover performances but in life, be it professional and personal. Attendees will be chosen at random from the audience to participate in powerful exercises designed to help them quickly and dramatically identify the steps they will need to take to implement their new resolutions.