Save the Drama for the Mic: How Voice Actors can create an Innovation Strategy in the wake of AI Voices (and restore their sanity)
Terri Nicole
Date & Time
Friday, April 1, 2022, 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

"AI voices have been on the rise since 1939. Is it any wonder that after 80 years or technological advances, they now sound more human than ever and are able to closely replicate human voices, making them a contender for roles and careers heretofore held by human voice actors. So, isn’t time we take their presence as well as threats to our livelihood seriously? And to do so without resorting to despair, ignoring the “elephant on the mic” or tiptoeing around the subject for fear of stirring up negative emotions. In this session– Terri Nicole offers an alternate approach to the entrance of AI Voices into the voiceover zeitgeist. Drawing on her background in Technology, Innovation and Education, her 7 years as a voice over artist, and lifetime as an educator and consultant, Terri urges the Voice community to acknowledge the inevitability of change and to build a personal Innovation Strategy to prepare for the shifting landscape of voice over to gain clarity as well as piece of mind on what lies ahead. Further Terri urges talent to engage in dialogue and research as a community because “None of us, Is as smart as all of us,” and we must all work together to figure this out. As such, Terri pulls back the curtain on her process of having her own AI voice created and marketed.