The Voice Under Your Voiceover: Turn your Inner Critic into your Inner Champion
Tish Hicks
Date & Time
Saturday, April 2, 2022, 9:50 AM - 10:50 AM

A hands on, hearts in webinar that brings light to some of the darker places in our voiceover career... the voice of our inner critic. 1. Introduce the concept of the inner critic... Who would say they have an inner critic? 2. Identify them - What is your inner critics name? What do they look like? What is their catch phrase? Do a quick sketch of them so we can see them in the light. When we can understand that this inner critic is something separate from our true self, it is much easier to start to deal with them 3. Acknowledge Them - How do you know they are present? When do they show up most? How do they make you feel? Where do they take you back to? How do they stop you? INTENTION *****how can you take calm and clear action to diffuse the power of your inner critic and bring them around to be a valuable part of your team***** 1. ask their name 2. ask them to repeat their criticism - what did they notice that they had to bring to your attention 3. acknowledge their note and thank them 4. ask them to step out of the booth as you do your next take Do not engage, do not fight, do not attempt to banish or destroy them 5. Rinse and repeat... until the inner critic doesn't have anything to tousle with, knows they will always be heard, and their thoughts are acknowledged as helpful part of the team How do they make you feel? How do you think they feel? How have they evolved as you evolve on your V.O. journey? If you can have compassion for them, they can learn to have compassion for you “Our deepest wounds integrated become one’s greatest power....” 4. Introduce concept of inner champion Who has them? Identify them Consult with them regularly Actively engage with them always Do a fabulous portrait of your inner critic... hang it outside of your booth Do a fabulous portrait of your inner champion... hang it inside of your booth Where ever you go, do your best to listen and mitigate power of your inner critic and activate and amplify the power of your inner champion Also with both of them acknowledge what you are afraid of and spend some time with it... like you would for a little kid. Were ever you go be a champion for yourself and for others.