[X-SESSION-IN-PERSON] - How to break into the world of trailer - X-session
Jack Daniel
Promo - Imaging
Date & Time
Saturday, April 2, 2022, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

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Understand the modern trailer biz from the inside. Although trailer remains fairly “rare air” in the VO world, it’s a world that is rapidly opening up to many new voices from diverse backgrounds, and so is becoming more relevant and attainable as the industry shifts. Learn how trailer managers, studios, trailer houses, and VO talent work together to obtain, negotiate for, and deliver work in the movie marketing industry. Discover movie trailer trends and analyze what reads are booking today and why. Learn how to break into this highly sought-after part of VO. Many if not most VO talent—even those who have been in the business for years—have very little idea how the trailer business actually works. See how I approach the craft and business of trailers, including copy analysis, audition requirements, providing “coverage,” and more. In this session I will: Present my story and my insights into the way trailers work today Share trailer reads (from current trailer voices) that demonstrate trends in the trailer read Use those reads to discuss the breakdown of copy and how to audition for trailers Show how the trailer read has influences promos and can be used in that arena as well