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Elaine Clark
Elaine Clark VO
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Elaine Clark began acting on stage, receiving her BA in Theatre Speech Communication and a teaching credential. After college, she moved to San Francisco and started her voice-over and on-camera career. In 1986, she founded Voice One, a voice-over, acting, improv school, and audio production and casting company. Elaine has voiced, recorded, directed, and cast commercial, narration, video game, toy, podcast, AI, app, audiobook, ADR/Looping, and anime projects. She teaches voice-over, produces professional demos, and is the author of the quintessential voice-overbook, There's Money Where Your Mouth Is. Her upcoming book, Voice Overs for Podcasting, will be available later this year. She also created two speech improvement apps: Activate Your Voice and Adding Melody To Your Voice. As a communication expert, she continues to coach hundreds of business executives for presentations, sales calls, interviews, broadcasts, podcasts, news, weather, sports, and gaming events.

Elaine Clark