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Laura Doman
Laura Doman Voiceovers
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Voice actor. On-camera actress. Former corporate IT sales exec. And, oh yes, a mom.

We're never just one thing as we go through life. We change over time and reinvent ourselves along the way.
In my corporate career, I worked for top tech companies like IBM and Texas Instruments and startup dot coms. I developed software, published technical articles, consulted with management teams, and ran regional sales regions.

I gave it all up to become a stay-at-home mom. Partly because travel was no longer an option, but mostly because my heart pulled me in a different direction. I freelanced as a business writer, created the marketing arm of a local non-profit agency, and cheered my kids as they pursued their own interests.

Now that they’re grown, my inner artist has come out to play. My strength is in communications and I’m applying it to where I have the most fun. Since 2016, I’ve been a represented actress with credits in film, TV, commercials, and industrials. I began my VO career four years ago and have never looked back. And now I’m writing and speaking about reinventing yourself later in life. So yes, Virginia, it can be done! And happily.

Laura Doman