Full Name
Robert Sciglimpaglia
Speaker Bio

Robert has appeared on National Television many times. He is best known as the DAD on the 2012 Chevy SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL, HAPPY GRAD. Robert's very first venture into the acting field was a show called "American Experience: Hijacked!" which aired nationally on PBS-TV and was narrated by Campbell Scott. Since that time, he has appeared in numerous national projects with many big name stars, both in acting and voice overs. 
Besides television, he has done many film projects in leading or supporting roles. Most recently he acted in short films called "Within and Without" and "Bathtub Chronicles" that he produced as well, where he won several best actor awards, and the films has won over 100 festival awards. He also shot a Sci/Fi project where he is lead actor called ONE. Robert has done on camera or voice overs for many recognizable brand names Perhaps his most prominent VO project to date was as the director of the sessions for BIXBY, the voice of the Samsung Galaxy phones and products.
Robert is also the author of the book "Voice Over Legal", which hit NUMBER 1, on the AMAZON BEST SELLER LIST for Entertainment Law Books. Recently Robert has taken on the roles of production attorney, Producer and Executive Producer for several projects as well, and he started a full fledged production company called Belair Productions, LLC. Belair just sold a documentary called "The Final Round" about the former President of the International Boxing Federation and his RICO trial.

Robert Sciglimpaglia