An Introduction to LipSynch dubbing techniques : Band Rythmo (No Recording)
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Breakout Session
Stephane Cornicard
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Tuesday, April 20, 2021, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
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The session will focus on explaining the various techniques of Lip-synch dubbing and introduce the Band Rythmo technique with hands-on experience and practice. The exponential increase in demand for material by companies such as Amazon Prime and Netflix means that the localization of foreign content is greater than ever. Lip-synch and localization into American English is a cheaper alternative to creating new content and the amount of dubbed content is set to increase tenfold in the next 5 years. Be ready to ride that gravy boat


  • Practical experience of the dubbing techniques
  • Understanding of the process, from "reading" breaths to "acting in reverse"
  • Pre-emptive reading, triangulation, it's an Absolute Blast.
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