[X-SESSION] Brand Your VO Career. Change Your Life.
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X-Session Workshop (In-Person)
Celia Siegel
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Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM
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Brand Your VO Career. Change Your Life. If you want to succeed in Voiceover, you need to be resilient and irrepressible. You have to take what life throws at you, and use it to make yourself and your career stronger, bigger, brighter, and more satisfying. And if you want to step up to the mic and SHINE you must grow through adversity to emerge on the other side, better than you ever thought possible. You can do all that (and more) through creating, and living, a strong brand. In this session, Celia Siegel is sharing her proven methodology for creating your irresistible VO brand and teaching the step-by-step branding formula that has launched lucrative careers for VO talent around the globe. This branding and positioning process is about showing up as your most authentic self, in your highest vision for your voiceover career, NO MATTER WHAT showing up proudly as the true YOU that your dream clients will fall-to-the-floor adore.


  • Unearth the authentic brand that already exists within you.
  • Create a brand that works hard for you while you are working hard to be creative.
  • Maximize your bespoke brand to build confidence and reap big results.
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