Rock Your Resilience! Radical Self-Care for VO Artists
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Breakout Session
Karen-Eileen Gordon Gordon
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Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
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This “Radical Self-Care” Session will leave attendees with a powerful 3-part toolkit they can begin using immediately—the moment they leave the presentation—to strengthen their ability to reframe/bounce-back, bust stress and boost peace, eject fear and clarify actionable items, employ mind-body techniques to access intuition/relaxation during auditions/booked sessions and gain practical clarity about next steps on the voiceover career path.

This Session leads all attendees through a 1-to-5-minute experience of all three tools, as they sit comfortably in their Zoom squares—so they have a very real understanding of how to use each technique and can experience their immediate impact. My own life journey led me to be a burnt-out pile of goo more than once during my creative career, so I ferociously sought answers and tools for course-correction/balance—with yummy success! It’s my great joy to share what has helped me and my clients because I want all Creative Humans to be THRIVING, FLEXIBLE Creative Humans, so we can fully enjoy our paths and achievements. When the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said “Panta Rhei” (“Life is flux,” which we have translated to “The only constant in life is change”)…he’d be amazed to know how powerful his words were thousands of years later, specifically during the past year on this planet! And now, more than ever, tools that help us reframe, reboot, and renew are paramount. I absolutely encourage questions (and leave tons of space for that!), and I would thoroughly enjoy continuing this conversation afterward; it’s an important one! This up-leveling Session can be done with a PowerPoint or without, and that deck will be made available to all who are interested.


  • Learn a 30-second breathwork tool for instant stress-busting and vocal cord health!
  • Access an instant “negative thought” vanisher technique!
  • Discover a 5-minute alchemical visualization method to help evaporate fears and meet your career goals—used by all your favorite Gold Medal-winning Olympians, regularly!
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