Is your's an 'Award Winning' Business?
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Breakout Session
Ian Russell
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Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
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Awards - Every business has them. Including ours.
They are a great way to increase your brand awareness, heighten your credibility, and open doors to business.

In 2019 I found myself with not one but TWO nominations (Best Gaming Voice and UK Male Voice of the Year) at the One Voice Awards in London. I didn't win either but rather than thinking, "Oh I must not be good enough" I thought. Being nominated is just great. But I also didn't really analyze how these nominations could help my business and, perhaps, I missed an opportunity.

I learned from that experience and in 2020 I was nominated for EIGHT awards! (3 One Voice Awards, 4 SOVAS Awards, and a Best Supporting Actor Award in a Short Film Festival) and won twice (Best Male Animation Performance and Male Voice of the Year 2020 at One Voice)

This experience and the subsequent opportunities they have led me to made me feel that this would be a great topic of conversation at VO Atlanta.
I'd love my session to help other VO Talent be confident to present their work for review, to share some ideas about how to ask for permission to use work and prepare their submissions, and to give some examples of how it has helped cement client relationships and how it has helped to broaden my scope for business and therefore do the same for them.

If you get a nomination or a win, I'd like to share how that can impact on your business, the challenges it presents, and how it can change so many perceptions - both your own, your colleagues and existing and potential clients.

I'll touch upon how it has helped me personally, the doors it has opened, the credibility it has built, and how attendees could achieve similar results.

It cant be complete, but I'll have a handout with lists of potential awards that attendees may have work appropriate for.


  • Things to consider when applying for awards
  • Preparing for awards night
  • How to make best use of your nomination/win
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