Voice Over for Automotive. Moving your VO career to the Fast Lane!
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Breakout Session
Cliff Zellman
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Friday, April 23, 2021, 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
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 Presented by Cliff Zellman, Director of Talent Development - Automotive Division, ACM Talent

A very informative hour covering the basics of Voice Over for Automotive. Learn why automotive can be the Holy Grail of VO. Right now is the perfect time to jump back in! Get the background on automotive advertising and why it may be worth pursuing. Hear what is expected of the “everyday” automotive Voice Talent and what it really takes to succeed. No need to live in L.A. or NYC! I will also be discussing the 15 Points of an Automotive Read (essential), self-marketing tips, both organic & digital plus a Q&A.


  • 1) A focused background on VO for Automotive. National, Regional and Local.
  • Understanding the 15 points of an Automotive Read and how to apply them to your performances. Tips on how to self-direct for auditions, finding the clues within the script, understand the 'new' sound of automotive.
  • Introduction to self-marketing, tips, and insider tricks.

I have produced, directed, edited, and mixed over 21,000 thousand automotive TV & radio spots for nationwide broadcast, so when it comes to life in the fast lane, your on-ramp is straight ahead!

Male / Female - Soft, Medium, Hard Sell, and Cross-Reading scripts will be supplied.

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