Behind the Scenes with Commercial Producers
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Breakout Session
Lawrence Lewis Lewis
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Thursday, April 22, 2021, 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
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If you voice commercials, you are not in the entertainment business. You are in the advertising business, and comprehending the process of producing a commercial will help you be a better asset to the team.

This breakout session features two commercial producers, each with over 20 years of experience and thousands of commercial projects in their portfolios. We do a deep dive on the often mysterious world of advertising. We will walk you through different types of production companies, helping you identify the kind of work they produce, and how you might approach them with your marketing.

We will also provide some insight into the list of job titles held by key decision-makers, and elucidate the actual (and lengthy) process of producing a 30-second spot and your role within that process.

Additionally, we will be sharing insights, tips, and words of wisdom directly from the advertising agency executives and the commercial directors we work with.

Who are the key players? What are their responsibilities? Why are producers cutting rates? (Hint: it’s not us!) Why are there so many last-minute changes? We will help you to understand the design by committee process us producers manage job after job and help demystify the often confusing process of commercial filmmaking.


  • Knowing how production companies work will help you determine which ones to contact, whom to reach out to, and how to communicate with them. We will discuss the different types of commercial production companies and how they operate.
  • What happened to the rates? Why is everyone going non-union? We will do our best to answer these hard questions. (Spoiler alert: the whole crew is affected.)
  • Words of wisdom directly from the ad agency execs and directors who book your voice.
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