Let's Make a Bizcast!
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Breakout Session
Daree Allen Nieves Allen Nieves
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Friday, April 23, 2021, 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM
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A podcast gives you the opportunity to share your message and spark meaningful dialogue with your tribe. Its on-demand content medium allows you to explore, discover and archive historical events, resources and wisdom on any topic using audio and/or video. Whether you're creating a show from scratch or trying to decide whether podcasting is right for your business, this session will teach you the basic ins and outs of podcasting, from an entrepreneur who started her podcast before she ever had a business. This session will also describe the magnitude of podcasting for business, and detail the steps to produce a podcast episode. Podcasting helps you to: * build and establish your credibility as an expert and thought leader * connect with potential clients and gaining valuable insights on them * interview potential clients and networking on a deeper level My presentation will cover the following: * selecting a podcast topic * selecting a podcast format * researching your show topics * conducting great interviews * setting up the distribution for the podcast * batching episodes and other podcast workflows * promoting your podcast episodes * re-purposing podcast content (videos, blogging, sound bites for media) * making the podcast engaging and informative Participants will leave with a list of resources such as conferences, blogs, and of course, podcasts, to gain more skills and knowledge.


  • Deciding whether to start a podcast for building and establishing your credibility as an expert and thought leader.
  • Resources to gain more skills and knowledge.
  • Workflow for podcast production and promotion to stay organized and reduce overwhelm.
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