[X-SESSION] Online Casting Keywording Lab - with Natasha Marchewka & Katherine Tole
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X-Session Workshop (In-Person)
Natasha Marchewka Marchewka Katherine Tole Tole
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Friday, April 23, 2021, 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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Your Voice as Your Brand: Keywording Labs!
Keywording your own samples is hard! Interested in getting some hands-on help in the lab to discover what people hear in you voice?

In a 3-hour lab you will learn how to generate descriptive words about your voice and your demo samples that support your branding and can be used as keywords for online casting sites. Share your voiceover samples with the workshop: Natasha, Katherine, and the other voice talent. This will be an intensive, hands-on workshop for voice talent who are intermediate talent.


  • Students will learn the value of using keywords for branding their voice.
  • Students will learn how to generate keywords, what options to consider, and, with the group as a whole, describe their voice in general and specific demo samples.
  • Students will learn how to use these keywords to support their overall branding and how to title their audio samples for online casting sites.
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