Ohhhhhhhmmmmm: Meditation for VO Artists (aka: How to Get a Flexibility Six-Pack!)
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Breakout Session
Karen-Eileen Gordon Gordon
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Saturday, April 24, 2021, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
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Meditation has been around a long time. Seven THOUSAND years, in fact! According to Psychology Today, the first recorded evidence of Meditation is in wall art, in the Indian subcontinent dated 5000 BCE. Resilience, shockingly, is like a muscle; we can get verrrrrry good at accessing that ability—with some practice. Meditation is one of the easiest, quickest, and most powerful ways to get our flexibility muscles…shredded! If our day requires boosted reframing/shifting/energy/concentration/focus from us (and we’ve all had A LOT of those days!), the impact of meditation techniques can be profoundly positive, and delightfully fast-acting.

I will provide attendees with a Treasure Chest of Meditation Tools by offering brief/clear instruction and background, a toolkit they can begin using immediately, and most importantly…a real-time experience of the ten most popular and deeply nourishing meditation techniques on the planet today: mindfulness, spiritual, focused, movement, mantra, transcendental, progressive, loving-kindness, color. (There are MANY MORE—and the ten will well-equip attendees to make noticeable changes immediately.)

(And a thought: if it would be useful for conference attendees to be offered a guided meditation once per day, that would be my pleasure…a literal “Oasis of Relaxation”…a place to come and unwind, popping in briefly for a few minutes, or staying for 20--to refresh before experiencing either a full day or a next event. Alternately, a daily morning or evening guided meditation could be offered at a set time. If this idea is appealing, attendees/organizers can let me know, and we’ll do it!)

This experience can be done with or without a PowerPoint as desired, which can be made available to all attendees upon request.


  • Understand the powerful resilience-enhancing, vo career-boosting, mental-emotional-physical benefits of meditation—before, after OR WHILE stepping in front of a mic (and, in daily life)!
  • Learn about the 10 major forms of meditation (mindfulness, spiritual, focused, movement, mantra, transcendental, progressive, loving-kindness, color), as well as how to harness the power of things you are already doing in your own life that may be considered meditations (yes, you may already be meditating—yay, you!).
  • This session could also be titled, “VO Meditation Buffet.” In this jam-packed-with-resilience-boosters Session, I will lead all participants through a 2-to-3-minute experience of each of the above 10 techniques, comfortably seated in their Zoom squares! They will experience how to quickly become calm, focused, flexible—within seconds—in any life/career situation. No previous meditation experience of any kind is required, and we will talk about each technique after each demonstration. Participants will leave with a giant new treasure chest full of ways to quickly and tangibly “change their state,” and a clear understanding of which meditation techniques most call to them for further exploration and use.
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