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Zina Solomon Solomon
Step Into Your Creativity, LLC
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Zina Solomon is a Visionary Business & Mindset Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Co-Author, Actor, and Serial Entrepreneur. She’s passionate about guiding her ambitious clients to achieve RESULTS related to their VISION, VALUES, DREAMS and CALLING. She’s supported her clients in gaining CLARITY on their VISION, PURPOSE and transitioning them from Corporate America to pursue their CALLING and passion for Voice Over and other creative and entrepreneurial pursuits.

She has helped thousands of clients transition from an Employee and Fixed Mindset to an Entrepreneur and Growth Mindset. Voice Actors are entrepreneurs and managing YOUR mind is pivotal to YOUR success in life, career and business.

Wanna be an Achiever and RISE up to your GREATNESS while UNLEASHING your potential? If you’ve been wanting to reinvent yourself and redesign your life and business, then you’ll discover how to be creative, RESILIENT, and resourceful.

Zina is the co-author of 2 Amazon best selling books: "Passionistas" endorsed by Mark Victor Hansen and "Step Into Your Vision 2.0" along with John Assaraf, Les Brown and other top business and inspirational leaders.
Zina Solomon Solomon
Step Into Your Creativity, LLC

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