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Pilar Uribe Uribe
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I love performing and built a career around my voice. As a student, I majored in theater and began breaking onto the audition scene in New York City, but was interrupted when a three-week gig in Colombia turned into a nine-year stint playing rich & complex telenovela characters! I was on 'Eternamente Manuela' and 'Yo Soy Betty La Fea', among other shows that made me an easily-recognizable figure, and prompted a lot of “why are you so mean?!” from people on the street. Back in the States, I fell in love with voice acting during a gig dubbing a Colombian series called ‘Los Caballeros Las Prefieren Brutas.' I spent over a decade in Miami dubbing bilingual spots for promos, animation, and commercials, while also working as a radio host for NPR in Miami, where I produced station promos for their affiliate station. Now, as a full-time bilingual voiceover actor based in Los Angeles, I book political spots, commercials, promos, narration, eLearning, and corporate videos.

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