Full Name
Paul Cartwright
PTC Productions, LLC
Speaker Bio

Paul Cartwright grew up an impressionist and a mimic, and performed on stage and screen in the United States for nearly two decades before leaving to train at the Royal Conservatoire in England to study Acting: The British Tradition. Training in England, Paul worked with the best voice coaches in the world—the late Cicely Berry, Barbara Houseman, Françoise Walot, Alison Bomber, and more.

Paul also worked with the coaches of the Royal Shakespeare Company, and learned how to use his voice as a well-crafted, versatile tool to produce emotion, entertainment, and honesty. Once Paul moved to Los Angeles, he began working full-time as a professional voice actor, and signed with Atlas Talent Agency.

Paul has worked with Disney Animation, EPIC games, Facebook, Microsoft, Pepsi, Lay’s, Visa, Mercedes Benz, and more. He has voiced video games and animated TV characters, narrated corporate videos and training sessions, described products and services through e-learning, and hosted live events as the comedian, lead singer, and master of ceremonies. Paul's versatility and acting experience have proven he is capable of most any role that comes his way.

Paul Cartwright